Exported Project as iFrame

Hello fellow PC Developers!

Is there a way that the exported Project is run in an iFrame instead of on the page directly, without changing the index.html which is exported?

Because published projects are run in an iframe by default (can be run directly by using the /e/ in the link), but exported projects are not, resulting in sometimes different behaviour.

Could this be an export option in the future?

No there isn’t as pretty much all developers would either have an iframe of their own to put the build in or would not want it an iframe of their own.

In your case, I would create another basic HTML page that does a full screen iframe and link to your PlayCanvas build.

At one point, we were looking at removing the iframe from the published build altogether.

Side note, if you had /e before the /p or /b in the published build URL, you get the iframe-less URL so you can test/use that instead.

Okay thanks for the update!