Export seperate animation files from fbx


My character FBX file contains multiple animations inside it. (Example: run, walk, crouch, die)
When I upload the FBX into Playcanvas editor, it only creates one animation JSON file (animation.json) but I need each animation in separate JSON (Example: run.json, walk.json, walk.json…) so I can call them in my code.

I heard Mixamo had a feature to separate animations from FBX file and download them but they currently have no such feature. Is there any third party program does it?

I couldn’t find any working answer neither on web or PC forums.

Any redemption?

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Hi @theronax,

I haven’t done this myself but I think you may be able to do this in Blender.

Using the Dope Sheet or the Action Editor to select/remove animations, so each time you keep a single one and you export it to a separate file.

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Thanks, this is a solid approach.

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