Export iOS option missing


I have a professional account but cannot seem to find the export iOS option

Unfortunately, we deprecated that export last year I think in favour of developers using Cordova: Apache Cordova | Learn PlayCanvas

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Too bad, I just read on the Cordova website:

The device must have at least iOS 11 installed, the minimum iOS version supported since the release of cordova-ios v6.0.0.

I’m interested in publishing iPhone4S app creation, which has at it’s max, iOS version 9xx
The reason is that I thought your older iOS export would use the hardware acceleration of the iPhon4S

Just wondering if you can point me in the right direction, to how you guys used to do the iOS export? .

@will will be able to help here but IIRC, it was a simple application with a WebView that served internal files.

Could you perhaps use older cordova release?

Yes, I’ll try all options to get hardware acceleration