Export hierarchy to FBX or similar


We’re doing assembly of a lot of assets (imported FBX files) inside of playcanvas. This is because we’re a distributed team all working on different modeling suites (3ds max, c4d, maya), and playcanvas collaborative nature makes it easier for us to do final assembly there, as late as possible in the pipeline.

However, sometimes, we want to go back to the modeling package to do let’s light baking, or add these graphical elements that relate to placements of other assets etc.

Is there a way to export our “assembly”/scene as fbx to use as reference?



It’s something we’re working on in relation to the glb pipeline, but I’m not sure there’s anything like this you can use in the meantime.

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Hi, aha. the glb pipeline, is that something in the making but not available yet?

Yep, not yet feature complete unfortunately

I’ll see. We’ll try assembling in modeling package then. Highly looking forward to this export feature!