Explosion Particle Effect


Hi guys,
I am brand new to 3D but was interested in downloading the source files as a zip, however when I go under the publish/download menu and click on the Download button nothing happens. Any ideas? Thanks!

When you press Web Download:

After a while a new button should pop up. You may need to scroll down.

Then you should be able to click on the Download button and your browser will download the published build as a zip.

Note that this is the published build ready for hosting which strips comments and the such out. If you want the original source files as is, then you would want to go to the project overview and export project:

Thanks yaustar, but I don’t know how to even get to your screen. This is all that I see:

But upon clicking the download button nothing happens. Please advise. Thanks!

Ah, are you on the free plan?

Unfortunately those features are only available for paid users. See comparison of plans here https://playcanvas.com/plans

Also, you can’t download/export a project that is owned by someone else or you only have read only access.

If you like to see the source from a project that you only have read access, you can just open the source code editor from the left or by double clicking any source file. Or you can fork the project to edit/view/publish/export it how you like.