"Explore" section options

How about search, filter, categories and tags for projects in the “Explore” section?

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This was always on list, but we need a bit more content to be added before that.

Gee, just how much content do you need to need a filter?!? :confused::scream::smiley:

Another suggestion - many projects have no game artwork or use the default PlayCanvas cube or VR symbol. Any chance of auto-generating a screen grab of the game or edit in progress?

We could have added an easier way to allow screen-grabbing editor viewport and using it as image for a project. But it would be better if developer makes custom bespoke image with perhaps logo, which usually looks way better.

So it is up to user still to provide a good image.

I’m still wondering why there is no search function for the explore section. It would make it much easier to share knowledge and code snippets.
I would love to see this feature.