Expert Needed for Product Configurator Project

I am looking for a PlayCanvas expert with sharp UI design and extensive web experience to help me create a 3D product configurator for a specific type of vehicle. I have a wireframe mockup of what I’m looking for, but basically there will be a database of preconfigured products of a specific type of vehicle accessory (with an associated “static” model for each product), and the user will be able to filter the products through a number of parameters. When the user clicks on a product, the product model will load into the existing scene, and they will be able to navigate around to view the model, and adjust basic rotation of the product model.

I have limited programming, database, design, and 3D modeling experience, so I can “speak the same language” as you, but I need your expertise to execute my ideas.

Regarding 3D model manipulation, all that is needed is:

  • Load product model into existing scene (The existing scene will include a base vehicle model. The vehicle model never changes. It’s generic.)
  • Orient product model in 3D space according to predefined coordinates from a database.
  • Provide the ability for the user to rotate the product model around a single, predefined axis, within a predefined range of angles.

Keep in mind, this really isn’t a configurator. There is only a single option that will be toggled in the model (choosing a single accessory to swap out on the vehicle), and there are no parametric requirements within the model. Just load in the product model, position it in the scene, and allow the user to adjust the angle.

For an example of what I want, check out this BMW car model. This is the level of detail and quality I’m looking for, and I want to create something very similar, (but with a different type of vehicle, not a car).

Do not apply to this job if you are not able to share a fully functioning example of similar work that you have created.

Imagine if you could select different wheels for the car. You filter the wheels based on what you want (color, size, style), and when you click on the product, the wheels would load right into the existing model. My concept is very similar, just with a different type of vehicle and product.

Aside from standard rendering features such as lights, materials, lightmaps, the specific features from this car model I want to implement include:

  • Smooth auto-rotation of camera, with elastic mouse control of camera as well. Camera stays at specified Z height, while resuming auto-rotation after time interval.
  • Wheels spinning
  • “Ground” movement under vehicle, feathering out to the background.
  • Vehicle lights, especially the glare/bloom/glow/lens flare of the lights on the car.
    (I would like to see samples from you demonstrating each of the above bullet points, if you have them.)

I also need to have a user interface created that will have multiple types of input fields and sliders that can dynamically filter the products that appear on the page. I don’t want the page to have to reload if they change the filter (I think AJAX can do this??) Strong design and UI experience is necessary, along with familiarity of libraries that can save time so you’re not recreating things from scratch or “reinventing the wheel”. The site needs to work on mobile so it should be responsive. Mobile is a very high priority.

When a product is clicked, it needs to load into the existing base model, and the user should be able to adjust the orientation/rotation of the product. Also, when the product is clicked, a new element should appear on the page that has all the product info. Pricing will be shown from multiple sources for user comparison, similar to this You need to be comfortable with designing a system that can handle this, work with my various affiliate programs, and keep pricing up to date.

Regarding the 3D models, I can have those created by another party, but I would prefer if you had the skills and artistic ability to at least create the base model, to ensure that it is modeled optimally for rendering. I can outsource all of the individual product models.

Users need to be able to register an account and login to save their settings. I’m considering having this built on top of Wordpress, so I can publish content along side of the main product configurator. I’m willing to go another direction if you recommend I do so.

PM me if interested. Please provide the following:

  • Your website
  • Your 3D modeling portfolio
  • At least two WebGL projects you have created that demonstrate all of the features I am looking for (listed in the description.) Your examples should be similar to
  • Examples of projects where you’ve implemented a user interface that includes a filter using AJAX.
  • Two of your absolute proudest examples of a good user interface (that you’ve created).
  • Demonstrate your understanding of my project requirements by describing how you would approach it, and provide a general overview of the workflow we would experience together. What do you require from me and what should I expect from you?

I am willing to do fixed price or hourly once we discuss the full scope of work. I’m willing to pay someone in the range of $50-$70 per hour.


I’ve gotten several responses at this point, thanks! I’m currently working on creating a more detailed scope of work.

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