Execution order

Hi folks :slight_smile:

Script components in Unity have this DefaultExecutionOrder() attribute which allows you to control which scripts are update when etc.

Can the execution order be controlled for individual pc.ScriptTypes like this in PlayCanvas?

This might not be what you’re looking for, but I may have something that might help.
First, press the settings icon in the top left of the editor.
On the settings panel that comes up, press “SCRIPTS LOADING ORDER”
All of your scripts in that project will appear and you can drag them around to set which scripts will be loaded first.


We don’t have execution order (ie control of update calls for example). If you need this, you would have to create your own update control loop (this page may help: Application Lifecycle | Learn PlayCanvas)

It is worth noting that on a per entity level, the script types are updated in the order that they are in under the script component


On this entity, orbitCamera update is called first, then mouseInput and touchInput

Alrighty, thanks for the replies, guys :smile: