Execute WebVR offline in oculus quest 2

Hello, I am stuck with a problem and I would appreciate your help

I managed to compile my projects made in playcanvas with Apache Cordova, and for the most part, they work correctly in my QUEST 2, and when I say compile, I don’t mean a WEB VIEW that raises an online WEB, since I need to execute my projects without WIFI connection on my QUEST 2, that said, the problem comes when I need to compile a project that uses WebVR, and I understand that the WebVR API requires that the application be accessed from a web server with HTTPS,

All the tests to compile a WebVR project from playcanvas, to run it LOCALLY without connection in QUEST 2, I have failed.

Could someone explain how to fix this?

If the same WebVR project that I compile to an APK doesn’t work, I run it from a web, it works correctly in the QUEST 2 web browser.

thanks for your help

@MLB I don’t know if this will be helpful or not but here is the github link for WebXR.

At some point in time I believe that there were two components one being WebVR and another WebAR. I think during the evolution of all of this there is now WebXR which covers both VR and AR. When you build and run your build without the APK what are the references that come up as errors?