[events.js:60]: Uncaught ReferenceError: log is not defined

Hello guys, sorry if i picked wrong category for this issue… if so, you can move it to the right section.

My scenes are unable to open due to this issue

I have no idea what it is , neither how it happened, it was all good until i duplicated scene for new Level, when i tried to to play the scene, this issue poped up, does anybody know what is this issue refering to?
OR experienced something familiar?

Thanks for any answers.

It happens to me when im importing a new sprite asset into the game when i have an already loaded tab, I really dont know why…

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Yup i tried but no good response, either way, your answer helped me as i remembered that i uploaded new model from the internet, i deleted it and now it works, so thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

If log is not defined, chances are you might have an adblocker installed in the browser.

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Yea might be, but in this case it was due to random model from the internet i havent even used, but was in the project.


I think there is a bug. I was getting this error recently with the app opened in the launcher and changing some values in the Editor. For example, when turning on and off some cameras. I was able to reproduce it now and filed an issue here: