ERROR: Missing file hashes.json

i publish a project to a zip file. if i want to import this project-zip file again, i get this error message.

ERROR: Missing file hashes.json

any idea what goes wrong?

thanks for help

update… exporting project over dashboard “project” “export project” works. publishing to zip is as it seems something other…

so problem is solved. maybe it helps others

Exporting the Project gives you an import-able zip for backup purposes.

Publishing to a zip is for self hosting the application on your own server.

The two zips are not interchangeable.

I’m also having the same issue where it complains about the ‘missing file hashes.json’

I’ve checked that the exported project is properly exported but the import still fails.

Attached is the screenshot of the exported zip file structure.

What are the next steps?

Can you DM a link to the project and add yaustar to it and I have a look tomorrow when I give it a try.

Hi, @yaustar. How do I DM you directly?

Unfortunately, I can’t add you to the project because the project doesn’t get created when the project import fails.

Do you not access to the original project? If not, I shoot you a DM with an email to send the zip to and I have a look at it.

Followed up with ckhoo in DMs.

Turns out the actual contents were in a subfolder as when compressing a folder on Mac, it puts it into a subfolder in the zip.

Solution is to unzip, select the folder contents and zip. This new zip is now importable into PlayCanvas.

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