"Error loading scripts"


Im getting an error for loading scripts but it says it’s because of a function signature mismatch

(2 minutes ago it worked until I used boxes with collision + rigid)
I took away the rigid and collision on the boxes and it works but I need collision and rigid on my boxes.
What’s happening?

Think about how to debug this problem.

First clue is to follow what the error message is saying ‘Open the browser console for details’.

That should give model clues what is happening.

Then think about what has changed as you add rigidbodies and collision. Is any new/different code executed because of that?

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Well, I only got ONE script. Would I have to debug it in chrome dev tools?

It’s more of process of logic. Running through the code to see what could be affected by the use of a rigidbody and/or collision. This may mean looking at Chrome Dev tools and stepping through code or using the exception catcher to see what line(s) is causing the issue.

Have you looked at the browser console yet for details?

No. Why? Because I don’t know what button or buttons to press to get to the browser console.

On Chrome/Windows I can open te console with the F12 key or with Ctrl+Shift+I.