"Error loading scripts, open browser ..." on some browsers

Hey guys,
I’ve almost finished an art gallery project on playcanvas. Tho scene itself is quite bloated - it works perfectly on my computer - but my co-author seems to have some serious problems. Scene seems to crash after few minutes. And shes reporting some script errors. Can anyone hint at what’s going on here? Or can it be due to slow internet connection and not loading completely (which sometimes happens in editor).

Those are warnings and don’t look related to the crash. What are the full specs of your co-authors laptop?

Changes are that if your project is really texture heavy, then it’s running out of video memory.

Is the project public? Can you share if it is? Or at least share the published build?

Sure, here’s the editor:

and lastest public build:

It’s really texture heavy and loads a long time … I need to work on optimsation tomorrow.
And it seems that it’s only hers computer fault, works fine on somebody elses machine.

Then it’s quite logical. It’s the computer that can’t handle the project. Why don’t you look at the profiler in your browser to see your resource heavy assets?