☑ Error launching scene: Array buffer allocation failed

Error occured when i’m trying to run my scene.

playcanvas-stable.js:3084 Uncaught RangeError: Array buffer allocation failed

Chome’s console output:

Please! Do not forget to add your project link to topic.
It is impossible to know what is the problem without ability to debug it.

Yep, sorry :slight_smile:


The model file is 164mb (43mb gzip). That is unbelievably insane to load something like that in the web.
No surprise it just fails. As browser tries to allocate such a huge buffer in memory it simply fails.

You have a model with millions of triangles, this is pretty much over the top for any real-time rendering engines.

I’ve got it. Will try to force my model designer to optimize his meshes.
That’s becuse his models was originally created for the purpose of realistic architect renderings. They are extremely high-polygonal.

By the way, rendering engine successively handle current 150mb scene, it even renders nice and smooth :slight_smile:
Abslutely like PlayCanvas! =)

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It might handle that, but average users computer will simply freeze trying to parse that huge amount of data.

Offline rendering is very different from real-time.
And for benefit of web (everything is small), it is best to make things small :slight_smile: