Error in the animation

I got an error with the following error text
debug.js:107 Anim Binder: Multiple animation curves with the path Spine2/graph/localRotation are present in the Root/Players/Male/Beards/Beard_09 graph which may result in the incorrect binding of animations

Our character geometry is divided into 8 parts, which were imported separately. And they have 1 running animation connected to them. and after walking the character, this error occurs. Is this error normal? Can it affect the character in motion on different platforms, because at this stage everything works fine, only in the console there is such an error?
Do you know why it occurs and how to fix it?

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This usually occurs when the paths of the bones in your animation asset don’t match the paths of the bones in your model asset. In this case the AnimBinder has to fall back to binding animations to your model via bone names only rather than a full path. This can lead to (but won’t always) animations binding to the incorrect bone if multiple bones in the model hierarchy have the same name.

This is a debug warning rather than an error so if your animations are behaving as expected this shouldn’t be a cause for concern.


ok. thank you for your answer