Error in scale Perlin Noise terrain

I have a problem when generating a perlin noise on different terrains so that they maintain the continuity of the map.
The script that generates the script is called perlinNoise.js

The Generate function creates the perlin noise by giving it the following parameters

then I created 5 terrains that are adjacent to their respective offset so that they maintain continuity.

At a scale of 15, the 5 maps are created very well, the problem comes when I increase the scale, for example a scale of 70

The error of the lag in the scale is becoming increasingly noticeable, now if I raise the scale even more to 300

A huge offset error is already noticeable, which becomes clearer as I increase the scale, for example to 1000

With this, I deduced that the error was in this part of the code
I have tried to find the error on how to solve this offset and I did not get a solution, if anyone knows what could be wrong to remove that offset in the scale, I would greatly appreciate it.

SCENE: PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine

Hi @ignacio_padilla,

I’m not fully sure if that’s the case, but most likely when increasing the scale there are not enough unique samples. And you end up with this offset.

Maybe instead keep the scale lower and add a smoothing pass at the end to bring it closer to the look you are after?


Thanks Leonidas for the answer, I’ll be trying