Error in animation handling?

As I try to handle my FBX-animations by key-events and-or second-events, I have noticed what seems to be an error.
My imported JSON-animation does not seem to be handled correctly.
In this project:

  • one can tell there are two animations. No matter the blendtime, the second animation fails to be played correctly upon the second character when clicking “C” (the coded keyevent).
    I have previously made a lot of event-driven animations like this (by time-events), but have not come upon this kind of mis-fire within the handling of animations.

PS: I have seen the Anim Graph approach … but I am not sure it will solve it - seems to be a bug within blendtime (the transition-execution or likewise)

I am making the example private again - and have found some general project-progress with the Anim Graph approach, which I will pursue instead from now