Error: Failed to link shader program for animated sprite on micromax device

On micromax device there is:
Error:Failed to link shader program.
Error: uniforms with the same name but different type/precision:atlasRect
Error in material “untitled” with flags 65541

Link: PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine

Do you have the exact model of phone you’re having trouble with?

Device model is : Micromax Q4001
and more specific issue is when sprite type is set to “Sliced” or “Tiled” but for simple its working fine.
want to know is it because of 9 slice algorithm

Thanks, it’s not clear what GPU that uses. Could you visit: on the phone and tell me what is says in the “Unmasked Renderer” field?


It says
“Unmasked Renderer” : Mali 400MP
plz chk attached screenshot


I have investigated this issue and written it up here:

Feel free to subscribe to that issue for updates on a fix.