Error - Failed loading scripts?

These are the errors I get when I go to launch. Any Ideas?

It seems a variable/property of yours is undefined in the respawn.js script, have a look at line 38.

And also at line 50 it seems you are trying to access an asset that hasn’t loaded? Try loading it first or at least enable preload on the asset in editor, so it loads before that app starts running.


Im not really sure myself I know coding but Im focused on other games and I dont know what scripts they fork :smile:

It’s not easy to reuse scripts from other projects. Make sure to review them first and check what kind of attributes/setup they expect to function as expected.

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Yes, Will do that thank you!

Fixed the scripts any ideas for this

You need to open Chrome Dev Tools and look in the JavaScript console to see the errors.

oh… shoot no idea of what you are saying

Read this: