Equivalent mouseenter and mouseleave events for VR

Hi all,

I have built ui components with hover events. These are using mouse event listeners. Mainly click, mouseenter and mouseleave.

Obviously everything is working when I test it on desktop using my mouse. But when I test it on my Quest 2 the events don’t trigger. Makes sense, I guess.

What I am looking for are the equivalent event listeners of mouseenter and mouseleave for VR controllers.

I could not find them online and am wondering if they exist.

Could anybody point me in the right direction?

Having a quick look at the engine codebase, it looks like there are events called: selectenter and selectleave. I’ve not tried it myself though

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This works perfectly!

Thanks again @yaustar

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@yaustar, I am unable to access the link you shared which directs to the engine codebase. Kindly share that again. Thanks!

The events are still the same
selectleave and selectenter

Not sure why they aren’t in the API though :thinking:

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