Entity Spawning

Ok So I AM Making A Game And I Am Trying To Create A Forest But When I Put Multiple Tree Entities Down The Game Fails To Load. So I Want To Know If It Is Possible To Use JS To Make The Trees Spawn In A Certain Area For Each Tree With Collision And Everything? Thanks

How is it failing to load? What errors do you get in the browser/console? How many is ‘multiple’?

It Show No Errors But It Just Would Not Load Waited 20min But Still Just Froze Finally Said That Playcanvas Was Not Responding And I Mean Like 10-15 Trees

Seems to work fine in my fork: https://playcanvas.com/editor/scene/610413

Did you have anything else in the scene or in the assets when you last tried this?

I noticed that you have a 66MB model in the assets which I deleted from my fork.

Yes So Did I But Even With That Gone For Some Reason WHen All The Trees I Put In Have Collsion And Rigid Body Components The Game Just Doesnt Load And Crashes Playcanvas.

So I’ve added collision boxes and rigid bodies to all the trees and it still loads for me: https://playcanvas.com/editor/scene/610413

Are you sure that you didn’t do anything more to the game besides adding more trees.

Hmmm Yes I Had A CHaracter With Alot Of Excess Stuff I Did Not Want But I Am Currently On A Chrome OS Also Until I Can Fix My PC