Ensemble Enquêtons - serious game about road safety


I’m glad to share with you this serious game to raise public awareness and communicate more about road safety (French only) : https://www.ensemble-enquetons.fr/.

That was my first project with PlayCanvas and I enjoy the experience. I blogged about PlayCanvas there PlayCanvas, the hidden WebGL editor gem – Da Viking Code

Doing this project, I set up two scenes in Unity first (many assets are coming from Unity Asset Store), and then import everything pieces by pieces in PlayCanvas which was tedious.
The third scene, made in Unity too, I exported a whole FBX directly in PlayCanvas… which was way quicker obviously. I didn’t see performances issue, but is it a recommended way?


Wondering if there are rendering concerns depending on the size of the mesh. I’m not sure if mesh instances are frustum culled in that case :thinking: @mvaligursky Any insights here?

Yes, frustum culling will work per mesh instance. If they are correctly distributed in the model a single mesh can work with frustum culling.

@Leonidas is right.
But there’s no recommended way … both ways are equally fine and all depends on what is convenient for you.


Hi @Aymeric! Unfortunately my French is not that good, but I did take a look at how it looks and works. The design is really well done, my compliments! Also nice that you wrote a blog, always interesting to read experiences of others.

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