Enhancing Visuals


I’m making a project where I load my House into the project by using a script which accesses a json-file from a Server.
So the model is not static or editable within the editor because it’s only visible after pressing play.(similar to generating programmatical meshes).

I was wondering what tricks I can use to enhance the visuals of the final project. I use material textures and cubemaps , high shadow rendering etc… But how can I get closer to a photorealistic rendering like Orange Room or after the flood when I’m not able to rely on lightmaps etc.

The reason why i can’t use ligthmaps is because my house has configurable options which can be changed in real-time - 1 floor , 2 floors, flat roof , slanted roof. So the shadows have to be able to change with every option i select.

Is there a way to improve my project visually (but to remain running smoothly).

Many Thanks for the help !

Greetings Radu

Hi. A fully dynamic scene with Orange room-like lighting is a challenge. How much variety/how many combinations do you have? It might be possible to have a local lightmap for every separate part (a floor, a roof etc). It can be also possible to visually connect lighting between these parts using decals with baked occlusion - e.g. a roof can add darkening decals over the walls under it.

Well now there are only 3 combinations but in the future i would like to upload a different building with different combinations. That is why I load the model from a server so i can choose which building to import.

I was wondering if ambient occlusion is possible? I can add it to a material like a texture but can I add ambient occlusion through a script. I would like to get close to a more photorealistic look like a rendering of the building but in Real time.:smiley:

There is no built-in SSAO shader yet and also screen-space occlusion tends to be quite slow/full of artifacts. If you don’t target mobile devices, slowness isn’t a problem. As for artifacts, SSAO works best for small radius occlusion (e.g. contact shadows from objects, not large-scale occlusion from walls/windows).

Okay thanks for the info. I’ll try looking for other ways to come closer to a photo realistic effect :slight_smile:

Appreciate the help.

Could try writing a shader chunk to improve the look of it.

Hmm looks interesting , i’ll give it a try Thanks :ok_hand: