Engine Release: v1.67.0

Engine v1.67.0 has been released. Release notes:

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Congrats guys, looks like another awesome release. you’re on fire!.

had a quick go at splats but all I’m getting is this >

any ideas what I could be doing wrong?


Where are you seeing this @Adrian_Meredith ?

Just in my own app, updated to latest and copied the example. It kinda looks like the splats are somehow inverted (very bright on the outside, dark in the middle)? Passing the the fragment shader option doesn’t help (setting the colour to 0,0,0 just makes it pure white).
This is running in a fork of playcanvas, so I’ll try running the native one (i’ll have to disable a bunch of stuff but hopefully I can get it running)

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So I’ve managed to hack a workaround, it appears like I’m running premultipled alpha but that was one of the first things I checked…
How does it look to you if you enable the premultipliedAlpha Flag?

Multiplying the final colour by the alpha resolved it. (color.rgb * B)

in splat-material.js

  float A = -dot(texCoord, texCoord);
            if (A < -4.0) discard;
            float B = exp(A) * color.a;
            return vec4(color.rgb * B, B);

I also changed the blend mode on the spat material from BLEND_NORMAL to BLEND_PREMULTIPLIED. I confirmed that premultiplied wasn’t enabled on the graphics device but its almost acting like it is…

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When you say I’m running premultiplied alpha what do you mean? Is your canvas setup with premultiplied alpha?

Either way it seems like you’ve fixed the issue. We might want to support premultiplied alpha directly in splat material. cc @mvaligursky

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Please test your projects against the 1.67.0 engine and let us know if you hit any issues, we’ll be promoting it to be the default in the Editor in the next couple of days.

Patched to Release v1.67.1 · playcanvas/engine · GitHub

Patched to Release v1.67.2 · playcanvas/engine · GitHub

Getting very close to releasing this to the Editor, very early next week.

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Patched to Release v1.67.3 · playcanvas/engine · GitHub

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