Engine Release: v1.61

Engine v1.61.0 has been released. Release notes:

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:goggles: UI scroll views in XR
:stopwatch: Faster clustered lighting shader compile time
:white_check_mark: WebGPU support for texture based morphing, light cookies and more!
:lady_beetle: Bug fixes

VR Scroll Views Close to car Compressed

“Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Sedan '71” by Barbo is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution with changes by PlayCanvas to the materials.

A post was split to a new topic: How do you make a wasd script?

This was patched to 1.61.1: Release v1.61.1 · playcanvas/engine · GitHub

and also 1.61.2: Release v1.61.2 · playcanvas/engine · GitHub

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Patched to 1.61.3: Release v1.61.3 · playcanvas/engine · GitHub
we will promote this to the Editor sometimes tomorrow.

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