Engine Release v1.54.0 Release Candidate - Test your app today!

Engine v1.54.0 has been released. Release notes:

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New features and changes include:

  • Grab pass and scene depth rendering refactor with example
  • Added fitMode property on UI Image Elements to preserve aspect ratio
  • pc.Application refactor to allow for tree shaking in the future
  • Removal of WebVR support (WebXR is now the standard)
  • Many bug fixes!

This release is scheduled to be made ‘Current’ in the Editor on the 15th June at the earliest.

To test with your app with the release before then, go to Project Settings → Engine Version, change the version and Launch!

Kapture 2022-06-08 at 14.48.29

Let us know your feedback here!


nice! what are some features in the next update to the engine???

You can check the release notes linked above @lak04171 for a full list of changes :slight_smile:

not this update, but the one after this

We haven’t finalised a list but there would some changes to the shader chunk system to standardise and pave the way towards having a shader graph editor

Patched to v1.54.1:

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Any estimates when v1.54.1 will be added to the editor?

Busy with it now so probably within the next hour.

It’s now deployed.


Great job, thanks! Is it planned to expose the fitMode to the properties in the editor?

Yes, this should take place sometimes next week.

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