Engine Release v1.47.0

Engine v1.47.0 has been released. Release notes:

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Hi @slimbuck

I noticed these links are showing just a rotating cube,



Hi @Saad_Haider - yes, sorry we’re busy publishing the latest examples now! I’ll update here once they’re live.


Latest examples have been published - please try them again! (It’s worth it :wink: )


Here’s the Twitter announcement:

Retweets greatly appreciated! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Yeah, great job for the Playcanvas team and the contributors !

Is it possible to have an explanation of the different features ? I cannot see an explanation for Shadow cascades in the documentation (Shadows | Learn PlayCanvas) or for clustered shadows.

I have developed a game with your engine, and have a little performance bottleneck for a night mode i added ([SOLVED] Rectangle light source - #28 by yaustar). May be clustered shadows could be a solution.

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Good point regarding the missing documentation for shadow cascades, I’ve create an issue for us to add it here: https://github.com/playcanvas/developer.playcanvas.com/issues/307

Regarding the clustered lighting / shadows … this is experimental tech for now, not released for production yet - we’ll work on some documentation at some point in the future when we get closer to the release. But it’s way to have many lights in the scene without each pixel having to evaluate all of them. Instead, fragment shader would only evaluate the ones near by.

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I’ve looked at the Area Picker before and I can’t remember it being so slow, was there any change to it?

Performance of readPixels seems to highly fluctuate, this is the worst session I got (3x 15ms in one frame):

For me this runs lot better (MacBook Pro 16")

But yes, it uses getPixels which is a sync command, meaning the CPU needs to wait for GPU to finish the rendering - so the duration highly depends on the scene complexity and the GPU performance. Few months ago we updated this example to use image based lighting, which might take longer on the GPU to render. It’s not really a technique that should be used on complex scenes every frame I would say.
WebGl2 allows this readback to be async, but we don’t have support for this yet.

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Patched to v1.47.1:

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Patched to v1.47.2:

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