Engine Release v1.40.0

Engine v1.40.0 has been released. Release notes:

Some highlights:

  • TextMesh - a 3D text renderer script:

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Lets gooooo!! (I am sorry I typed this fast I am spamming my news :sweat_smile:)

Hi @will,
This is looking great!

I’ve stumbled across an issue after pc was updated today. My custom camera seems to render all normals flipped. Any thoughts what change could have caused this?

(previous source control checkpoints also have the same issue now)

Hi @left and welcome,

Try and do a topic about this then people can help you!
Where “new topic” is press that then make a title and the information what problems you have.

Hi @Gabriel_Dobrzynski,

Will do. Thanks for pointing me the right way :slight_smile:

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Patched to v1.40.1:


Patched to v1.40.2:


Patched to v1.40.3:

@will Is it possible you broke the touch behavior on mobile? Buttons can be pressed but don’t work anymore.

I’ve just tried some tutorials on Android / Chrome and the buttons seem fine.

Are you able to share the project?

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Patched to v1.40.4:


Patched to v1.40.5:

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