Engine Release v1.40.0 - Inverted Normals

After today’s pc engine update, my custom camera (I’m using calculateProjection and a few other lower level functions ) seems to be rendering all normals inverted. I’ve tried restoring to previous checkpoints, which were stable and they are indeed now broken too.

Any thoughts what the side-effect change could have been?

This could be the new engine release. When did this occur?

Today, with the 1.40.0 release

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This is weird. Checkpoints should stay the same from before unless the new engine release did something that made it broken?

try running it with the previous version of the engine to confirm please

this is an example of how to run it

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Hi @mvaligursky,

Can confirm it’s the engine update that is breaking it. Using 1.39.4 everything renders as expected.

Are you able to share some simple repro of it? Or perhaps describe what exactly you do and what breaks?
Perhaps even capture a frame with both engine versions using Spector JS and see if you can spot the difference.

I’ve sent you a pm @mvaligursky :slight_smile:

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Yes, version 1.40 messed up all my game too player jump randomly if i use 1.39.4 it works fine

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@ayrin This sounds like a completely different issue. Please start a new thread with clear steps to reproduce the problem so the team can investigate successfully.

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