Engine Release v1.39.0

Engine v1.39.0 has been released. Release notes:

Twitter announcement:

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Patched to 1.39.1:


Patched to 1.39.2:


Patched to 1.39.3:


Patched to 1.39.4:


Ahhhhh … so this probably explains why my outline renders suddenly started behaving better around 1P or so (AZ time). The outline lag from camera movement or zoom was suddenly reduced to almost nothing for no obvious reason.

The lag isn’t gone, but it is close enough to being gone that it should only be a bother for very fast moving objects.

@wturber - there wasn’t any change related to this released as part of the last release.
To fix it, you need to make sure the outline rendering takes place before it’s being used in the World layer, instead of after … as that would cause it to be a frame behind. If there is an additional camera which renders the outline, make sure its priority is smaller than the main camera.


Yes. I was reading the gitHub thread on the camera priorities as well as the special issue with directional lights.

If there was no change in the engine that might have improved this, then perhaps it was a local issue for me and my browser, graphics card, etc. Maybe I was actually seeing much worse lag than everybody else. But the my test project and Leonidas’ test project both started performing much better around 1P.

The difference was so pronounced for me that I went and double checked all the things I had been fiddling with and nothing tracked with it. Also, Leonidas’ project was performing better as well.

I’ll add this to my unsolved mysteries drawer. :^)

Don’t know if it’s thanks to engine improvement, but my fps rate is skyrocket to 50fps … that’s great!


and what was it before?
There were few potentially large optimizations in the last few releases …

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Before it barely reached 30 @mvaligursky

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Have you used any post processing? There was an issue where it would auto generate mipmaps for all render targets … which is pretty gpu costly. Now it does not, as those were not used anyways at all.


I’m not sure about post processing, but i’m really happy of improvement. :stuck_out_tongue: