Engine Release: v1.32.1

Engine v1.32.1 has been released. Release notes:

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What changed with the v1.32.2 release?
“Revert changes to texture coordinate flipping for glTF”

I’m currently using the external glTF loader scripts, but planning to switch over to the engine’s built-in glTF loader soon. I did notice I had to either set the V of texture UVs to -1 or flip the Vs when converting to GLB. Ended up converting all models to GLBs with flipped Vs so FBXs could still be used in the editor to preview materials. Was this behavior changed with the engine glTF loader?

Hi @Chris,

You shouldn’t have to flip glTF V coordinates at all. Can you share an example project or FBX for me to take a look? (user slimbuck in PC).

In 1.32.2 we only reverted to the previous method of dealing with texture orientation in the engine.


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Sure, I’ll DM. It might be something on the modeling side, that’s what I initially thought. Saw the release notes and wasn’t sure if they were flipped again.