Engine Release: v1.23.0

Engine v1.23.0 has been released. Release notes:

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any new cool updates or addons coming up?

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Finally! Official typescript definitions! Although my only issue with these is that they are not exactly complete.

Many optional function parameters do not have the question mark to identify them as so, and also that many playcanvas objects such as pc.app, input objects or other component/systems do not have their on/off/once/fire methods defined, even though it is known that these functions are implemented across many playcanvas objects.

Oh, well spotted. So the on/off/fire/once functions don’t currently appear because they’re added to certain ‘classes’ internally. However, maybe I can refactor the code to use inheritance that will allow JSDoc to correctly identify them.

OK, I think I’m making good progress:

When I generate the API ref docs (npm run docs) and the TypeScript definitions (npm run tsd), on/off/once/hasEvent/fire are now all present and correct.

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When will the editor have a brand new clean design

There are no plans to apply a brand new design to the Editor. We’ll continue to make incremental improvement and adjustments though.

Actually i think the editor already looks pretty clean and modern.

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I will keep subscribing to your amazing engine to support your development.

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Thanks a lot! The typescript files certainly help a lot. Now, I wonder how could I help with making optional parameters marked as actually optional on typescript definitions.

@Alberto_Carbajal Sure, I would love to get your help identifying any function parameters that are incorrectly documented. Maybe open an issue on the GitHub repo?

So @Alberto_Carbajal, I have now merged the fixes for on/once/off/fire/hasEvent. :tada: Thanks for the heads up on that. :smile:

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Thanks for the official npm package and ts defs! Been waiting for those for some time.

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I got a question on the npm package. Is the physics engine included? If not, how can i integrate the seperate physics script file to the package?

The physics isn’t included, no. Hey @aiab_animech - what do you think is the best way to deliver ammo to NPM users? Do we need a @playcanvas/ammo package dependency that provides the version we support perhaps?

whats ammo for like for the code something like ammo.js or like ammo as in bullets for a weapon or bullet physics

Will we be getting Editor TypeScript support as such:

var name: String = 'Name'

If so, I can’t wait!

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I am curious to know when PlayCanvas will allow online projects to use TypeScript as well.

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@Tristan We’re edging towards providing the necessary elements to develop TypeScript on your local machine and sync compiled JS files to your PlayCanvas project on the server. We don’t have any short term plans to support TypeScript compilation on the server.