Engine Release v0.204 [20.12.16]

Engine Release Notes v0.204

  • Work on 2D API’s is progressing.
  • Added pc.BoundingSphere.intersectsRay
  • Added pc.BoundingBox.intersectsRay
  • Added pc.Plane.intersectsRay
  • Added pc.Plane.intersectsLine
  • [DEPRECATED] pc.BoundingSphere.intersectRay
  • [BREAKING] pc.BoundingSphere.intersectRay now returns true / false
  • [FIX] Error in text element when font asset is not the registry
  • [FIX] Error when trying to set opacity on text element when meshInstance has not been created yet
  • [FIX] Error in image element when texture asset is not the registry
  • [FIX] Animation used to not remove items from animations object on assets changes
  • Improved post effects canvas resizing handling, reducing stretching during resizing.
  • [DOCS] Some corrections