Engine Release v0.203 [06.12.16]

Engine Release Notes v0.203

  • Work on 2D API’s is progressing.
  • [REFACTOR] pc.Camera. It had non-public methods and properties. They were renamed and simplified. Added additional checks if frustum affecting parameters really changed, so it does not recalculate frustum matrix when not needed. If you are using this private API’s, it will potentially have an impact on your code.
  • [REFACTOR] many cases where arguments were used. This avoids potential issue with inability of JS engines to optimise function code. And speeds up function overloading in some cases. Potentially leads to less of GC stalls depending on browser implementation of handling references to arguments, where it would pre-allocate array for arguments if it were referenced within the function scope.
  • [FIX] shadow maps texture were not clamped, this was regression after pc.Texture refactor.
  • [FIX] pc.Camera.clone would not clone clear options, leading to shared object between different cameras.
  • [FIX] if cubemap face assets were not in registry, subscribe to their future add to handle async assets registry better.
  • [FIX] added missing error handling to Application.loadSceneHierarchy
  • [DOCS] added reference for Mesh.cull property.
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