[ENGINE ONLY] Skybox displayed wrong

Hi, I simply cannot make a sykbox working, it shows disorted, I use this code:

  app.assets.loadFromUrl('assets/Tropical.dds', 'cubemap', function( err, asset) {
    // app.scene.skyboxMip = 0;

It is loaded like this (Tropical Beach):

Does anyone have an idea where to tweak the params, almost working I guess…

Hi @iso74,

Just for debugging this, if you try the same set of assets in editor, does it look right?

Hi @Leonidas, yes sorry I forgot to mention, in Editor its OK, but Engine only not :frowning:

Hi @iso74 I’m also facing this issue. Were you ever able to resolve it?

Hi @joshb,

In case it helps, check one of the engine examples on how to load a skybox in code:


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Hello, uff this thread is some years old :smiley: Honestly I do not remember by now if I resolved it or how. In the meantime engine has evolved and maybe that what @Leonidas posted is the solution…

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