[ENGINE ONLY] General question about assets and scenes


as I am digging deeper into PlayCanvas I was thinking about these questions:

  1. Models, e.g. characters I will probably buy at some assets store, how can those protect from stealing, can they be loaded through API with the engine?

  2. Is there a generel description how the anatomy of the scene.json must look like?

My dream is to build an adventure game (the ones like Myst) mostly exploring 3D worlds and solve puzzles.

Hi @iso74,

All assets are getting downloaded client side in the user’s browser, sadly there aren’t many things you can do to protect your work. Eventually someone can go through the page resources and find ways to grab those assets.

That holds true even for native games, there are tools to grab the 3D geometry and textures directly from the GPU rendering them. So your best bet is adding a copyright notice to have a legal claim and stop and serious redistribution of part of your game.

Are you going to author a scene.json on your own? Usually we don’t really bother with it when using the editor, it gets exported automatically.

If you would like to take a look at it, just export a .zip build of a simple Playcanvas project and you can then open the scene.json (named as [sceneId].json) in your code editor.

P.S. I loved the Myst series!


Hi, is someone able to tell me how I can add an asset here? I want the plane to be of blue color e.g.
This this scene.json structure is a mystery for me :slight_smile:


IIRC, the asset property is an asset id.