Enabling Gaze input on controller based VR platforms?


My team’s making a PlayCanvas VR app and want to provide a gaze based input option for users of all VR platforms.

We found in the WebXR UI Interaction tutorial that PlayCanvas has built in gaze support, but it only seems to be active on VR platforms that don’t have hand held controllers such as the Google Cardboard. Is there a way to enable this for all VR platforms including hand held controller based ones such as the Quest and Vive? We could create a custom solution, but using the built in one would be ideal to maintain consistency across all platforms.


That’s an interesting question :thinking:

From what I can tell, the input sources are given to the engine via the WebXR session on the browser, so we don’t have control on what input sources are provided.

It looks like you may have to use a custom solution but pinging @moka to be sure

You are correct.
We provide access to what WebXR API provides. And try to stay one to one to behaviour described in specs for consistency and ease of use.

If you need a ray that works across all platforms the same, that would be a small custom script.