Enable/Disable anti-aliasing


I cant find any way to enable/disable anti-aliasing through code at run time.
is this possible?

Hi @Saad_Haider,

Sadly no, since it’s a parameter passed when instantiating the WebGL context. You will have to reload your app to do so.


Hey leonidas,

Enabling anti-aliasing is causing the fps drop from 60 to 35 on desktop with HD resolution,
what do you recommend in that case? to preserve quality as well as the FPS?

I wouldn’t expect that much of a drop from having an anti-aliased render target, seems the GPU can’t handle the anti-alias samples.

Not much you can do, apart from creating a quality selection page that reloads the page smoothly with a fast loading time. To enable/disable anti-aliasing.

What devices is this on and do you have pixel device ratio enabled?

On a laptop with specs:
i5-7th gen-U
geforce 940MX 4gb
8 Gb Ram
512 Gb SSD

Yes device pixel ratio is indeed enabled.