Editor Scripts Toolbar Button Concept

The last few weeks I’ve been writing some scripts that extend the editor functionality in PlayCanvas. My workflow was to edit scripts on my desktop and then copy/paste them into the developer console to test them. This works fine but I was wondering how editor scripts might be supported natively by PlayCanvas so that the built in file and code editor could be used. After wrestling with a few approaches I settled on a toolbar button that lists all editor scripts in the current project as well as from any provided github repo. Here are some instructions on how to test the concept:

If you copy/paste this code into your dev console and run the ‘addEditorScriptsPlugin()’ function, a button will be added to your toolbar that lists all .js scripts found in the project that start with an ‘Editor_’ prefix. Clicking a script in the context menu will attempt to run that script by calling the script name’s function… so if you have an Editor_helloWorld.js script in your project you need to implement a function Editor_helloWorld() inside the script as the entry point.

There is also support for listing scripts from a provided GitHub repo, if you click the ‘Add PlayCanvas Scripts from GitHub’ button it will prompt for a GitHub repo Url and use the github api to search for any/all .js files and add them to the toolbar context menu. (The scripts will only be downloaded when you attempt to run them)

I could see the GitHub repo feature being a powerful and easy way for the PlayCanvas community to track/share their editor scripts/solutions without requiring the PlayCanvas developers to stand up a proprietary backend.

Let me know what you guys think, I am open to any/all feedback!

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Nice! Thanks for sharing this, extending the editor can be quite powerful.

We have released a similar unofficial and open source solution recently, that includes an editor extension as well to solve the whole paste to console each time issue.