Editor not working in Edge or Chrome but in Firefox

Hey all, somehow I cannot open some demos and all projects in the editor with chrome or edge. Firefox works fine. Tried reinstalling browser, driver and what not. Disabled all browser extensions. Maybe some system white chromium settings?

One thing to check is to go the network tab in devtools, disable cache and reload the page to see if something is being blocked.

It’s odd that it works fine on the same computer with Firefox but not in Chrome/Edge.

A bit difficult to tell without having access to the machine but do you have any software (eg a firewall, proxy, network proxy) that could be block network access to something?

Disabling cache did not change anything. Nothing else on my system that could interfere. I’m thinking if there is any group policy or windows wide setting that blocks something in chromium-based browsers? Or maybe driver issue?

It’s really wierd that Firefox works so well, however I need it to work in chrome.

That’s fine and expected. It’s more so that we get all the network requests as ‘fresh data’.

In the request list, is anything in red?

I’ve not heard of one myself. Maybe the firewall but this is the first time I’ve heard that its’ fine on Firefox but not in Chrome on the same network and PC.

For trouble shooting, can you create a new user on the PC and see if that works with Chrome on a completely new user account?

Not seeing anything out of the ordinary. Will try new user.

It worked instantly in the sandbox. But other users or my user does not work.

It worked instantly in the sandbox

Sorry, what do you mean by sandbox?

But other users or my user does not work.

Just to confirm, this is a new Windows user and not a new Chrome user?

Can you provide a screenshot of the Editor when it’s finally loaded please?

A VM environment (Microsoft Sandbox) So it seems to be something on the system and not hardware.

Yes, a fresh Windows user.

The tip for the screenshot of the editor proved to be quite the enlightenment. After 30 minutes the editor loaded! So, the question is what else can we look into to see why it took so long?

30 minutes? Looks like it’s related to some software install. Do you have Steam VR installed?

Might be related to this issue that I thought was fixed: 1202090 - chromium - An open-source project to help move the web forward. - Monorail

However, I’m unable to repeat this success. As it seems its stuck at “These pages aren’t responding” whenever I try it again.

ahh! This is interesting, I’m having issues with other environments that have vr software requirements. I will debug my oculus, steam vr installations and report back.

We found it! I deleted all traces of oculus software, and now it works perfectly.

Thank you for the help, i did not make the connection to vr at this point.


Thanks, ran into a similar issue.RESULT_CODE_HUNG error in Chrome. Refreshing Oculus app and Steam VR resulted in the editor working in Chrome again.

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