Editor Local Rotation is different than in script

I have a problem in project which is using lookaround 360 camera. In editor I see entity’s rotation to be
but during runtime console says its rotation is

the same thing happens with camera entity… Is there a way to get these values from editor to script?

getRotation returns a quaternion. The Editor shows Euler angles. Please try getLocalEulerAngles or getEulerAngles

Thank you @yaustar one more question. Is there a way to make camera’s local euler angles the same as some object’s in the scene? let’s say after clicking on button camera will focus on it (still in 360 lookaround camera project example where targetEx and targetEy are calculated every frame )

Do you want it to be the same rotation as the other object or to look at it?

If you want it to be the same, use:

If you want to look at it, use: