Editor Lag / Not sure if this is a PlayCanvas issue or an internet / browser issue

Not sure if this is just me. I rebooted and everything, but the Editor for the last day or so has been super laggy for me. I use Control D a lot and it’s been super laggy, I highlight a material for example and press duplicate, and nothing happens, or it duplicates the older selection

Folder creation has been super slow, I have to press F5 and do a browser refresh.

I am not sure if this is happening on my end somehow, working in Firefox, Chrome is flickering like crazy so had to make the move to Firefox

UPDATE: Same thing is happening in Chrome.

UPDATE : The team is looking into it, they reproduced the issue. I just received an email from David.

Hi, systems are back to normal now, please let us know if you have any more problems!

Awesome :slight_smile: Thanks! Will only post of there are issues :slight_smile:

Hi, I am facing the same issue, the editor is very slow in updating Inspector when switching between entities in Hierarchy :frowning:

I don’t see any blips on our metrics nor reproduce it locally.

Can you share a video of what you are seeing please?

Very slow for me today, cannot test anything because the launch doesn’t load for some time, not sure what’s happening.

Is the tab locking up or is it just not loading with a progress bar on the splash screen of 0%?

It is loading but very slow, I can watch a 4k video on youtube with my internet without buffering but launch wont load 30mb

Which countries are you in as well? Wondering if it’s regional/ISP related?

Can you try loading on a mobile hotspot if possible

me and @Faiq_Laiq are from Pakistan.

Tried on my mobile hotspot (4G) and its the same, everything is slow on the playcanvas site whereas other things load normal.

You can see in this video inspector takes almost 10 seconds to refresh on switching between entities

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Currently it looks like a localised issue as we haven’t had reports elsewhere or can reproduce locally.

Can you test against Ireland here please? https://www.awsspeedtest.com/

Average latency 208 ms

Can you check downlink with eu-west-1 please here: Amazon Web Services Network Test | CloudHarmony

Can you add ‘yaustar’ to the project to see if it’s project related please?

Does this happen in other browser like Firefox?

Are there any plugins/extensions installed?

Can you also check for network activity when you click on each Entity?

If possible, profile the browser too when clicking on each Entity?

It is similar in other projects as well. Also, Saad is facing the same issue on his account on different projects. So it is not project-related.

Seems to me that the issue is related to one of my project, other are launching fine,
I have added you in https://playcanvas.com/editor/scene/1098303

Same extensions and plugins are installed as were begore on my browser.
Though added you in project.