Editor has broken materials with an alpha channel

Has there been a change recently?

All of our assets that utilise the opacity channel in the default shader have broken. Essentially the alpha channel is no longer working. So they appear in game as say a fully textured quad. This is the setup we have - it has been working for 4 months now:

Unfortunately I cannot share project, as it is under NDA. I also can’t reproduce it in a separate project as of course, reimporting the asset works. It is just existing assets that are borked.


EDIT: Guys - the editor is seriously busted. We have materials that are appearing in the viewer that have silhouettes that look like completely different meshes in the world, outlines of assets are huge and aliased. What is going on?


I’ve reverted a change that was causing rendering issues in the engine. Can you try again now and see if you’re problem is solved?

Apologies for the inconvenience.

This looks like it has fixed things - thank you.