Editor feature suggestion

A feature i would like to be added is code you write that is applied to an object in editor can use that code immediately, meaning if you add shaders or rag dolls, or something else, it can be tested in editor, instead of having to use another tab to test it

That would be quite useful to have, though it will be a major update to the editor I imagine.

There is partial support for this in this open source 3rd party editor scripting SDK:

You can try and add a feature request about it in the editor repo:

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Not sure what you mean by this.

Shaders running in the Editor viewport is understood but I don’t see how ragdolls make sense for example.

Yeah not useful, but it would be super cool to watch your ragdolls fall down stairs while you are working (kidding).

In the Uranus Editor SDK you can enable physics in editor, for more productive reasons of course and as a side effect sometimes you may see your dynamic bodies start running around :innocent:


I meant to test the code, for an example, if you made an ai that chases the player it can be tested

But wouldn’t you test this by launching the game?

If you have a big game it might not load so soon

Also it would help because sometimes stuff wont load from the editor, so you have to reload the whole page, so i think that having an in-editor testing feature would help quite a bit

Have a test scene or project that only loads what it needs for you to test the AI.

Have a test scene or project that only loads what it needs for you to test the AI.

This is a workaround. Having in Editor playback would allow you to run the whole project as is, without having to download majority of the assets.

But it’s non trivial to implement, and not on a road map for the near future.

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