Editor crashing

The editor started crashing. The last time I edited this project was 5th March and it was OK then. Here is a screenshot. Any idea?

Also happening in a new blank project
Just by dragging around in the viewport. I did close down Chrome in case webgl errors hanging around from the first editor crash

The webgl context lost is the main issue. Every error after that is due to it.

This is usually due to a hardware/browser issue and usually a restart of the computer and/or browser and/or updating graphics drivers/os solves the issue.

Also try a different browser/incognito like firefox is you need to work on the project in the short term and unable to fix the issue.


Hi Yaustar,
After rebooting the mac, the error in Chrome was still there
I then tried firefox and that was OK.
I then retried Chrome and then that was OK!
So the error seems to have cleared itself now. Strange.

As a matter of interest, before the webgl errors in the image above, what are those draco wasm errors?

I spoke too soon. The chrome editor webgl context lost error returned. The launched app however is fine.
It is odd that this error manifested suddenly today. I haven’t knowingly changed anything. The launched app is ok but the editor has the error even in a blank new project with no edits.

Is there a possibility that some changes have been made to the editor/engine in the past week or so, that would cause this issue to manifest on my mac/gpu combo?

Last year we has a lot discussion here and here about Macs and issues with with certain gpus ( all my 3 macs fall into this category ).

The library isnt loading properly when opening the editor from the project dashboard but theres a fix due for release next for it.

We’ve made no changes over the last week or so to do with the Editor UI

What do you see in the bottom right image on this example PlayCanvas Examples

If its completely white, try going to the project settings and under the editor section, disable ‘grab depth pass’ or something named similar to that and see if that helps. It has to be done per project.

Yes that was the subject of our discussion last year.

It is completely white on Chrome, and Firefox, but OK on Safari.

If I disable the Editor / Camera Depth Grabpass setting chrome no longer loses the webgl context.
Firefox was not losing the webgl context in the editor even with that setting enabled.

Thank you. When was that editor setting introduced?

In Jan 2023, we added to the Editor cameras, Camera Depth and Color Grabs by default so that the new Standard Material properties would render correctly in the Editor view (refraction etc)

We noticed some users reporting crash issues on certain Macs and suspected it to be related to the depth grab change made to the Editor. All affected users render white on that depth fog example.

So we added those Editor options that you are using in the same week/month (Jan 2023) to see if it makes a difference. It seems to help but we don’t have anything conclusive yet

More details here: Editor crashes on some Intel Macs (Failed to Execute 'getShaderParameter' on 'WebGL2RenderingContext') · Issue #973 · playcanvas/editor · GitHub

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Great thanks for the info. That makes sense. The last time I spent much time moving the editor camera view in the editor viewport was in January. I’ve been opening the project a lot since then but only for editing scripts, not editing the 3d scene. The error in chrome is triggered it seems when I move the editor camera view. Not immediately triggered but soon and consistently. I don’t see the error at all if I don’t touch the editor view and only edit scripts.

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We only render on update in the Editor view IIRC, which explains this behaviour.

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