[EDITOR] Code editor indentation: tab became 8 spaces


I’ve just noticed that pressing TAB in code editor is equal to 8 spaces, not 4 as it was used to be. This is super frustrating, I wonder how to get it back to 4 spaces?

Well, this can be partially fixed via the console:
monaco.editor.getModels()[0].updateOptions({ tabSize: 4, indentSize: 4 })

Unfortunately, it’s get back to 8 every time code editor tab (I mean the browser tab) is reloaded.

I can’t reproduce this on my projects: :thinking:

Hmm, seems to be fixed after reloading the page a few times. Now both the values (tabSize and indentSize) are 4.

I think it may be somehow related to the fact that I’ve been testing the autoformat-on-save feature while working on the same document together with another user. Not sure though.

Oh interesting :thinking: If you do find a pattern/repro, please do let us know

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