Easy way to test builds on mobile browser while editing on the PC?

It would be nice if there was a way to test a particular scene without opening up the editor. Such as testing on a small mobile device where the playcanvas editor GUI is practically impossible to use. For example, on my phone, the screen is simply not wide/high enough to display the scene selection window, and the buttons are too small for my fingers.

I think having a private “play” button when a user is logged into a project would be best. Sort of like the normal play button and on the same project overview page. But this one would link to whatever scene that user has open in the editor currently, instead of the permanent public build url. I did notice the website lets multiple devices log in as me, and keeps track of who is editing what at the current time. Maybe this could be used to allow testing an in progress scene on another device?

It would really save some time when writing mobile code. Right now my only way of testing my mobile code is to push a full build, wait for the builder to finish, then mark that build as the recommended one. If this was a live game, that wouldn’t be an acceptable option for development.

I tried using Google Chrome’s debugger to emulate the touch phone input, but it seems to have two issues I have not figured out how to solve. First, there is no way to test “multi touch” type inputs with just a mouse. Secondly, all the mouse clicks don’t seem to test mobile touch input anyway, as they only set off regular click events. This second one might just be my lack of knowing how to use the debugger or missing a switch somewhere. The Chrome Debugger isn’t exactly “user friendly”.

I guess ideally I would have the PC with the editor and code editors open, and my phone set to the webpage that the scene will build to whenever play is tapped. Is there an easy way to set that up planned for the future?

I think it’s a good idea to have an easy way to launch scenes on mobiles. For now the way we test stuff on mobile is to manually enter the launch url on the mobile browser.

That way you are testing the scene and you are getting live updates from the editor.