Dynamic Shadow of generated mesh flickering in version 1.65 but not in older versions

Hi there!

I was recently doing some changes on a project I started a year from now and noticed a strange behaviour on dynamic shadows I use in the scene.

The setup uses a directional sky light with dynamic shadows. The mesh casting a shadow is a cloth mesh I adjust every frame. In previous version the shadow did not flicker when I adjusted the cloth meshs size. In the most recent version (1.65.5) it flickers.

There is a video of the problem:

Are there any settings I can change to get the previous behaviour or might this be a bug?


It’s hard to tell from the video to be honest, but I would not expect a flickering.
Could you please try with 1.66 as well? This is available as a release candidate till released in a few days.

There is the same flickering when using the new release version 1.66.1.

But I created a minimal example and this is just working fine. So I suspect somewhere in my update logic is some code that makes the shadow flicker in the new releases.

I’m further investigating!

I could fix the issue!

I used multiple cloths in the scene and one of them was causing the flickering. I removed this cloth, as it was not needed anymore (how fortunate) and the flickering was gone.

Maybe some code still tried to update the rouge cloth and caused the error. Idk

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