Dynamic driving situation. Update

New experimental dynamic driving situation with the attempt to make it realistic.

Aloha, JMC


Hi @Raybounce! It looks very cool! There are some glitches visible on my mobile, but you may have already been aware of that.

Interesting. If you enable WebGL 2.0 on iOS in Settings -> Safari -> Advanced -> Experimental Features, you get this:

So this is some issue with WebGL 1.0 specifically. Maybe @ray can investigate if he gets a moment.


@Raybounce - great looking demo - I took a look at the iOS/WebGL1 issue, but and I wasn’t able to identify the problem in the engine - I would probably be able to investigate further it if I had access to your project - or just a simpler project with a reproduction test case - if you would like help debugging it?

Thanks for all the feedback. We are only 2 passionate 3D artists who have little experience with coding. Our goal is to use a different way of presenting products and their visual appearance as best as possible. We test that for demos and see what is still possible with the PC.

@ray - Thank you for the offer. I am happy to accept that to fix the problem. As a non-coder, I used almost no scripts and could only implement what was visually possible for me. You are welcome to take a look. Regards Jean-Marc Clain

Thanks! Can you add rtuk to the project please?

Hi Albertos, I think it’s the alpha channel, I must have chosen the wrong setting. I’ll check that again in time. But many thanks for the info. Aloha, Jean-Marc Clain


Hopefully I have now fixed the problem on ios. The reason was the tree textures. These were not laid out in a square. Thanks and regards, JMC


The problem with the tree textures is indeed fixed (also on WebGL 1.0). The cube in the center is still visible. I don’t know what you’re using that cube for, but I recommend disabling the model of it.