Dynamic bones for hair animation

Hi guys,

I have trouble on hair animation, it’s very static if i manually animate the hair based on different condition.

And then i found out there is something call Dynamic Bones, but it only available on unity engine, here is the link: Dynamic Bone | Animation Tools | Unity Asset Store

I wanna create the same function like dynamic bones, has anyone created this feature before? if so, can you guide me?

Thank you vert much!!

Hi @Triston and Welcome,

You might need to use Ammo’s soft body to simulate hair, here is an example of soft body simulation in Playcanvas:

It is not officially released by Playcanvas but just made as an experimental tech.

Here are Ammo docs with examples of soft body simulation

Pretty much the above, it’s not supported out of the box so you would either have to code/integrate a solution for this yourself unfortunately.

doesn’t softbody only does squash and strech

maybe do something that involve wind in your project with a slider of intensity and speed

dynamic stuff can be set to bones to be active and animated in realtime atleast what i know
not here tho

@Saad_Haider @yaustar Thanks for the solution, but the cloth simulation hard to generate the result i want, i will look for others solution

@DerpySlurrpe i’m not familiar with the wind thing u mentioned, can you guide me how to do that?